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Tisaiyan Exports is a company in South India that exports natural and agricultural premium quality products to the whole world. It is the best company which sells export quality products in India too. The following are the main products:-

  1.  Moringa/ Oleifera seeds

  2. Moringa/ Oleifera leaf powder

  3. Cashew nut seeds

  4. Neem seeds

  5. Various Seeds of vegetables and fruit giving trees

  6. Senna/Alexandrina pods

  7. Karipatta

  8. Nilavembu

  9. Indian Almond Leaves for high-value fishes in the aquarium

  10. Indian Almond Leaf Halos to small tiny lovely fishes.

  11. Handicraft items made from Palm Tree leaf, like Basket, Gift Box, Pooja tray, Gift Tray, Jewelry Box, White leaf mats, Multicoloured mats, etc..etc..

Tisaiyan Exports,

133-B, Rajeev Nagar,

Tisaiyanvilai – 627657

Contact No.: +919500608144

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